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Young bodies and minds need special care and attention. Whether you have a new addition to the family or a growing teenager, Dr. Keith L. Perkins Jr. makes sure your child stays healthy and strong during their formative years. With an office in Selmer, Tennessee, the team at Premier Internal Medicine and Pediatrics provides well-child visits for babies, children, and adolescents.

Well Child Visit

What is a well-child visit?

Just as adults need routine doctor visits to ensure they stay healthy, kids need regular checkups, too. Since development is fast during the formative years from birth to age 21, well-child visits help parents track the growth and health of their children. Typically, a well-child visit should happen every few months during the first three years of a child’s life, and then yearly until age 21.

What are the benefits of well-child visits?

Well-child visits offer an important opportunity to track your child’s growth and make sure they follow normal patterns of development for their age.

With his expertise in pediatrics, Dr. Perkins will assess height, weight, head circumference, nutrition, and more. You may also discuss the health of your child’s social development, relationships, or school environment.

Well-child visits are an important aspect of preventative medicine, ensuring your child is safe from disease or illness. They also give busy parents an opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns about their children. Plus, well-child visits allow you to build a trusting relationship with Dr. Perkins that will last through your child’s formative years.

How can I keep my child healthy?

While you can’t protect your child from every scrape, scratch, or sniffle, you can do quite a bit to ensure your kid grow up to be as healthy as possible. In addition to well-child visits, here are some basic guidelines:

  • Make sure your child gets a sports-specific physical before starting a new sport.

  • Know what developmental milestones your child should ideally reach by each age.

  • Stay up to date on your child’s immunization schedule, checking in with administrators if you change schools or enroll your child into daycare.

  • Keep a close watch over your children if they play sports or become active in extracurricular activities; these activities can compromise your child’s energy and health.

If you want to schedule a well-child visit with Dr. Perkins, book it online or by phone today.