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Keith L. Perkins, M.D.

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If you're healthy fit, and full of energy, we want to keep it that way. If not, we want to get you there. At his practice in Selmer, Tennessee, Dr. Keith L. Perkins Jr. helps children and adults remain healthy through preventative care visits. Whether you need your yearly physical, standard lab tests, a flu shot, or a mental health checkup, the team at Premier Internal Medicine and Pediatrics will ensure you stay well to live a healthy and happy life.

Preventative Health Visits Q & A

What is preventative health care?

“Preventative health care” is a general term that describes a broad range of services that help prevent disease and maintain your health over the course of your life.

To get a comprehensive picture of your well-being, Dr. Perkins considers your medical history, genetic risk for disease, lifestyle habits, and other factors. With this information, he creates a preventative plan that supports your goals and keeps you healthy in both mind and body.

What types of services are considered preventative?

Routine health screenings and visits usually fall into the category of preventative health care, although this may depend on your insurance plan.

Preventative services offered by Dr. Perkins reflect his expertise in internal medicine, which focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. These services may include:

  • Disease screening (diabetes, high blood pressure, other common health conditions)

  • Vaccinations for children and adults

  • Elimination of unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as smoking or excessive alcohol use

  • Recommendations for supplements or medications

  • Women’s wellness tests, such as mammograms or Pap smears

  • Sexual health screenings and STD testing

  • Standard annual physical exams

Dr. Perkins also offers mental health screenings and weight management guidance.

How can I maintain my health on my own?

Preventative health care takes into account a comprehensive picture of your health, and the unique factors that might predispose you to problems later in life. Your active participation in achieving wellness goals is crucial, but you can rely on Dr. Perkins and his team to be your companions on this journey.

While you can’t always prevent disease or illness, there are several actions you can take to develop daily habits that support your health. These may include:

  • Regular exercise

  • A diet and nutrition plan that supports your health and weight goals

  • Smoking cessation

  • Reducing consumption of destructive substances, like alcohol or sugar

  • Restful and uninterrupted sleep

  • Stress management and reduction

In preventative health care, the idea is to prevent disease before it starts. What you do on a daily basis will impact your ability to lead a healthy life, and Dr. Perkins can be your partner on this journey.  

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