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Keith L. Perkins, M.D.

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Whether you’re trying to shed a few pounds or tackle a long-standing weight issue, the team at Premier Internal Medicine and Pediatrics in Selmer, Tennessee can help. With a specialty in internal medicine and pediatrics, Dr. Keith L. Perkins Jr. gives children and adults the tools they need to achieve and maintain a healthy weight for life. With medically supervised weight loss, you can be sure you’re getting the safest, most effective plan to lose the weight and keep it off.

Weight Loss Q & A

Why can’t I lose weight?

Weight gain is common if you’re eating more calories than you burn or if you live a very sedentary lifestyle. However, sometimes there are also underlying medical conditions that prevent you from being able to lose weight.

Traditional weight-loss programs often focus strictly on diet and exercise, while ignoring the vast range of individual factors that contribute to weight-loss resistance: genetics, lifestyle, stress, and hormones, among others.

A medically supervised weight loss approach is often helpful for adults who have historically had a hard time losing weight. Children can also benefit from medically supervised weight loss, losing weight safely and appropriately for their age.

What is medically supervised weight loss?

When you work with Dr. Perkins, you can feel safe and secure that experts are guiding your weight loss journey. Medically supervised weight loss incorporates your individual health history and wellness needs into the process.

You might be asked to have some lab work or other tests done to determine your body fat percentage, your hormonal profile, or your body mass index (BMI).

Then, you’ll work to adopt a specific diet and exercise plan that suits your needs, a plan that may also have to address any behavioral or lifestyle challenges to achieve weight loss.

If you need any specific medications to help support your health in the weight loss process, Dr. Perkins can prescribe these, as well.

How quickly will I lose weight?

Weight loss results vary from one individual to the next, so it’s difficult to say how long it will take before you reach your goal weight.

The benefit of working with Dr. Perkins is that you can check in regularly and assess your progress, utilizing his expertise in internal medicine to look at the entire picture of your health. If adjustments are necessary, you can talk to him about what’s working and what’s not. Plus, aside from losing the weight, he teaches you how to keep it off — a very important part of the journey that medically supervised weight loss can address.

Start a weight loss program that truly makes a difference: schedule an appointment with Dr. Perkins today, either online or by phone.